Tonto Dikeh criticizes

Nollywood actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh has just called out a Nigerian airline -Arik Air, describing them as ‘shitty and Lazy‘ for making her loose millions of naira and disappoint a multitude of people.
Thank you so much for making hard working nigerians lose their hard earn money and income all because we choose to fly/trust with you??
I bought an early flight because i had an early appointment i couldn’t afford to miss but thanks to your shitty services i am forced to loose millions of naira and disappoint a multitude of people’.
‘you don’t deserve to be in operation. You are very lazy, your services are weak,horrible and unprofessional and above all you are a destiny killer and time waster…
Dear arik,you are disrespectful. Dear arik,suing you is a waste of my time.. But be sure that now advocate for #saynotoarikline aka #destinykillers.
How the hell do you change a flight scheduled for 10:30am to 6pm?? After delaying the flight for an hour. ooops my bad wasn’t arik the airline that made a bride miss her own wedding last year or so?’
Tonto Dikeh criticizes


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