Image result for Bullet shot close to the spine of a Nigerian musician after two years finally comes out (Photos)A Nigerian musician based abroad, has taken to his Instagram page to share how a bullet that was shot close to his spine two years ago, finally found its way out of his body.

According to the musician, he’d gone for surgery to take out the bullet but it proved impossible because it was too close to his spine, so it lived in him for up to two years.
He then shared how the bullet miraculously got out of him, he wrote,

2 years ago I was robbed at gun point and shot..the bullet bounced all over and ended up real close to my spine..had surgery and all but the bullet was too close to my spine to take out…today this bullet just popped out of my skin and I don’t even know what to say I’m just grateful for this gift called life…if you are too and you believe God is alive Say amen and Like this too #GodisAlive#positivity#neversaynever #change #411#blessed


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