A Nigerian TV presenter and model, Emilia Samuel called out a film maker and staff of Linda Ikeji for raping and deflowering her at the age of 16 and 17. 
Theo Ukpaa, a top staff of Linda Ikeji TV, who was sacked from his enviable position after the r*pe allegation was leveled against him, spoke out.
In a lengthy note he penned to address the matter, Theo rubbished his accuser, Emilia Samuel’s claims, insisting that he is innocent and that he has been framed.
He went on to break down Emilia’s claims, finding fault with virtually every statement as he tried to prove why she is lying.
Linda Ikeji, media enthusiast and former boss to Theo has further written an open letter to him.
It reads:
“Dear Theo Ukpaa, I have known you for many years and I’ve shown you nothing but love and kindness and made you the head of my TV channel but listen my dear friend, if you dare release another statement denying what you did or calling another one of your victims a liar, not only will I expose you, I will have you arrested and charged to court where you can go defend yourself properly.
“These girls – and I didn’t say girl, I said girls may not have a voice, money or time to take it up with you but I do, so please don’t test me.
“I know more than most and right now I can’t tell you how ashamed I am to have given you another chance in my organization. You weren’t sacked solely over Emilia’s story. I am not so stupid that I would let go of the person I relied on the most to help me run my TV channel over a story by someone I don’t know. You were dismissed last year, remember? And I’d never heard of Emilia or her story.
“If you think I am going to seat back and watch you victimize your victims, or humiliate them further by making them seem like liars, you have another think coming. What you need now is seek help and if you’re too ashamed to do so, at least hide your head in shame and don’t dare call another girl a liar. Please don’t make me come for you, Theo! Be warned!”


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