A police van was hit by a fuel tanker while being chased by officers of the anti-robbery division in Akwa Ibom State, residents of the area took advantage of the accident, rushing out with their gallons and buckets to scoop spilled petroleum products despite the grave risk involved.
It was gathered that the police van was hit, after police officers from anti-robbery division chased the tanker driver and blocked him off at Uyo village road by Calabar-Itu highway. The fuel tanker driver who was unable to bring the tanker to a halt, hit the Police van and fell into the ravine.
See more photos below.
Few months ago, it was also reported that residents of a community in Cross River put their lives at risk, as they rushed to scoop fuel from a fallen tanker in Cross River. Some residents of Biase local government area of Cross River state were seen rushing to the scene of the accident, to scoop fuel with buckets and gallons.
It was gathered that the truck crashed and landed into a ditch, when residents noticed it, they all rushed out to get free fuel for themselves. This is against the warning by the government for people to stay far from fuel tankers, because of the danger of explosion.
The sad incident occurred days after a fuel tanker exploded along Otedola bridge, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway where at least 9 people were killed and over 50 vehicles burnt.
We also reported that an Instagram user @frank_chuka took to the platform to share a video of Kogi residents, scrambling to scoop fuel from a tanker which was involved in accident.
The video he shared came with the caption;
“With all the prayers we are praying in this country and with all the mishaps happening this June, some people will still not make use of their brain. After they would be calling God. Somewhere in kogi state, around Irapana community, a fuel/diesel tanker (we ain’t sure which) had accident, some people with “brain” are busy scooping the highly inflammable substance ON A MAJOR ROAD!!!!!!!! cars are passing, they are busy dragging with their gallons… Lord have mercy.
“Any little spark now, #pray_for_Nigeria will be flying all over , when we can avoid some circumstances. Biko let’s use our heads Ejoor.
“God bless Nigeria. No matter what, we will definitely overcome”.


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