Lilian Esoro complains about her challenges of finding ‘True Love’ againLilian Esoro, a famous actress and estranged wife of TripleMG boss, Ubi Franklin has taken to social media to rant over the challenges of finding love again
The mother of one who is currently on vacation in Europe, stated that it is not easy finding love again as there are so many liars and pretenders
Her insta-story which addressed the challenges of finding love again reads;
‘The more you try yo open your heart to love another,it seems almost impossible,cos you don’t know who to trust with your heart.
Lairs,pretenders and everyone seem to know everyone and no one seems to keep their mouth shut..
Seems like you’re going round in the same circle.Everyone seems to have an opinion about this and that.The list goes on.
So to avoid life’s many dramas and be tagged a name you are not,just stop living, shut your ears and mouth to life and love.
Focus on your self, make more money and build an empire.
Travel around the workd or be a nun! But, din’t give up.There is someone out there for everyone.
It will come to you when you least expect it .’


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