A BBC reporter, identified as Yemisi Adegoke, took to her Twitter page, @briticoyemo, on Tuesday night to reveal how air passengers were stranded on Tuesday at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos following a power outage.
According to multiple online reports, the passengers were said to have been kept in the dark for hours as immigration officials did not address the anxious crowd, and the airport did not switch to another alternative power while the power outage lasted.It was gathered that the airport officials were said to have taken foreigners among the passengers to another section of the airport where there was power.
Passengers were said to have been frustrated as they could not proceed with the boarding processes and the officials were allowing the foreigners to go the side of the airport that power.
The light was later restored while passengers were attended to by immigration officials.
Read her tweets as she narrated the event at the airport below;

“At Lagos International Airport and there is currently no power…and by the look of it NO GEN.
“Incredible scenes at the commercial capital of Nigeria’s international airport. NO ELECTRICITY. NO GENERATOR. NO EXPLANATION. Passengers are waiting to get through immigration.
“An immigration officer is complaining about what this looks like to ‘foreigners.’
It’s better this way abeg. Let them experience the shambolic nonsense straight out of the gate.

“It’s hot here ooooo. And I’m wondering how long we’ll be held here as no one is saying anything… to the Nigerians anyway.
“People are getting pissed because one passenger asked an official to let us know what is happening and another official responded ‘na we get airport?’
“An official jacked me why I’m disgracing my county (by taking pics etc) Guess my response
“Passengers going MAD because officials started allowing foreigners to go to the other side or the airport, where there is electricity. One woman was yelling “would they do this for us if we were in their country?”
“We are now on the other side,of the airport, where there’s power. Looks like whatever fault is on the one wing. People in line keep saying “sell the country” and some dude said “who wan buy am?” Ladies and gents, I am finished.
“Someone asked him so what do we do [about Nigeria] then? He replied: “Bury it and cover it with sand.
“We made it through!!! What a welcome lmao”.
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