A lady known as Kamal Kaur took to twitter to detail the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband before walking out of the marriage.
In response, a man said walking out was not the best option and she was just making excuses for her failure.
“I remember when the ex husband would leave the restaurant just because he had finished eating. One time he emptied a glass of beer in my food so we could leave. It came to a point where I feared going out because of this humiliation. He needed me to drive him so he could drink.
“This is to remind you to get out. It’s to let you know life will go on. It’s to let you know nothing goes wrong when you respect & love yourself enough to walk away from someone or something that takes away from you negatively. You deserve to be happy & free. Not controlled”.
The man replied,
“Walking out is not the best option. You are simply a failure. Solving the problem is the option, working things out. Failures have a way to glorify their ignorance of truth”.
Kamal fired back at him saying,
“Ahahahaha. You’re an idiot. I tried for 14 fucking years and nearly got killed in the process, along with my kids. You’re the most ignorant person I’ve heard from regarding this.”


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