SARS officials in Port Harcourt have been accused of harassing, arresting and even molesting a lady, one Olorogun Mabel Peters who says she only drive out of her estate to buy drugs for her sick self and pizza for her mom when these men accosted her and the whole story changed. Mabel, upon her release took to social media to share her bitter experience.
She took to her Facebook account to call on the public relations officer of the police force, Dolapo Badmos to report her case.
She wrote,“@opetodolapo Today is definitely one of my worst days.. I woke up a bit feverish with slight headache so I cancelled my activities for the day, at about 6:30pm I decided to go get drugs,because my condition seemed to be getting serious and also get pizza for my mum just 7mins drive away from my estate..
“On getting back to my estate, a blue Prado jeep stopped right in front of me and some armed men on uniform came out asking me to park for a search, I obliged, they went through all the vehicle papers and drivers license etc very much complete..
“The next question I was asked was they needed to see my company Id ,I tried to explain to them I didn’t have it on me because I just drove out to get pizza from the next bus stop and they said I was under arrest for stealing a vehicle and I couldn’t give them an ID of where I work, I obliged and we drove to their station and the whole story changed..
“One of the officers made a phone call and he said I was among the criminals they received a call about.. I tried to beg, I even showed proof of the medications I got, they gave me a paper to make a statement,in the process they took my phones from me and started going through my phone, from my chats call logs down to my bank mails etc….
“After spending 2hrs with them they demanded for a sum of 2million naira as my bail,for a crime I do not know.. This is pure wickedness and evil… I never stole, robbed, violated any rules etc… We finally came to an agreement after keeping me hostage from 6pm till 12am that I should pay them 100,000naira..
“One of the officers even approached me trying to sexually harass me!! This same men didn’t even mind the time they comfortably drove me to an ATM machine so I could make a withdrawal for them… These men are criminals!!
“I was granted bail by 1:30am after spending 7good hours… Someone’s hard earn money This Is totally unacceptable, Are you guys not meant to be protecting lives ? Why will you extort someone of their hard earn sweat!! I thought SARS had ended… (officers names are : officer Matt, Emma, security, Friday). “These are the debits alerts from the money I paid to them as a proof and time… Even after paying this amount the officer security claimed he was the one who convinced his other men to even accept the 100,000.. This is my second terrible experience with SARS.. I even pleaded I was very sick but they claimed they also had wives to who were sick…
“In the same process one of the officer approached me asking me to sleep with him and after that he had the power to tell his men to bail me without me paying one kobo! I cried my eyeballs out, I was running a very high temperature still they wanted money… I had no access to my phone so I couldn’t mk a call, my family didn’t even know where I was!
“Because of how late it was I told them instead of allowing me go out alone in the middle of the night (what if I had met armed robbers on the road on my way to withdraw the money) I demanded for their account number so I could mk a transfer and they bluntly told me that if they give me the account details I could report them through the account number and name given!!
“After running around the whole portharcourt I was unable to mk a withdrawal due to some machines temporary unable to dispense cash, so I went to a 24hrs filling station at rumuodara if they could do a cash back for me I paid in the money via pos and that was how I was given the 100000 to go bail myself out..
“They didn’t even mind the risk I was in moving alone in the middle of the night ,I know them facially they have been terrorizing portharcourt… I paid them because I was frustrated, I was sexually harassed, I was sick I just needed to go home to rest.. I was in severe pain.. I do not pick my money from the streets. I have never been a criminal.. Please all I need is justice


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