POLICE PRO, PPRO, DOLAPO BADMOSPolice public relations officer, Dolapo Badmos shares why she loves to look fashionable at all times.
In a recent interview with City People, the CSP said she likes getting all blamed up because she wants to portray the police force in a positive manner.

“I should by my work and physical appearance convince people to join the Police Force. I have been handling that since I was young”, she said.
She went on to say, ‘I remember while growing up, my mum used to tell me that I am beautiful, that I have big eye balls. My mates then used to talk about my big eye balls and when I got home I will report them to my mum…My mum made me to grow up knowing that I am a beautiful woman”.  
She also cracked a joke once as to how, during her early days at the Police Academy, the men among them used to miss their steps because they were usually looking at her. “When the instructor says move to the right, some of them would move to the left.”


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