Image result for Why I rejected a 2018 Range Rover Birthday Gift – BBNaija Alex.Alex Unusual on her birthday, received the gift of a Car by her fans.
Apparently, her fans came together, contributed money, and bought her a new car as a birthday gift.
A whole lot of reaction was generated on Social media, with many calling out the Reality tv star.
Later on, it was revealed on social media that Alex had apparently rejected a multi-million naira car gift of over N30 million.

Swanky who made the revelation at that time, wrote; “Dammmmmmmmmmm people are such haters. I know somebody who bought a 2018 Range Rover for Alex. They literally delivered the car to her house and she rejected it.”
“You all better let her enjoy her birthday in peace. She is such a genuine person and it breaks my heart to see all this hateful comments about a car gift she got.”
“And yes, her fans actually came together contributed over a period of time to surprise her on her birthday. What’s the big deal? The only person who didn’t know about this car was ALEX.”
“Alex I came back to be a part of your night yesterday and to also go vote today. But unfortunately I couldn’t make it because of flights and traffic situations.. I love you girl keep on keeping ON. This is only the start”
Of course, Alex kept mum about the whole thing at that time, but in a new chat with, she has revealed that it was indeed true that she rejected the 2018 Range Rover SUV car gift.

Revealing why she rejected the gift, she said.
“I rejected the first car I received on my birthday. For me, it was not just about the gift but where it was coming from. The second car given to me was from love. Responsible fans put their money together to get me the car, while the former was from someone who liked me. It is okay to like me but I didn’t feel it was right to collect a car from an admirer. He could decide to collect the car from me anytime he felt like. If I collected the car and I told him I didn’t want a relationship later, what would happen?”
The reality show finalist said she was aware that many ladies would jump at the offer but she didn’t regret her decision. Alex said,
“The man felt I was too proud when I rejected the car gift. But I am not a proud lady. I know many girls will take the vehicle; it was a 2018 Range Rover (for crying out loud). But I am Alex Unusual; I am not the type who can be wooed with material things.”
Also, she said her mother wasn’t surprised when she rejected the vehicle. According to her, it was not the first time she would reject a car or something huge. Alex added,
“I have rejected money and material things many times. The car gift was just one of them.

“This year’s birthday celebration was amazing and I am happy I am growing. All my birthdays are always filled with so much love but a night before my birthday, I cried a lot. I had a quarrel with my mother, manager, camera guy and stylist.”


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